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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 3, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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. draw u w y haveon ee ana 2year-o wom say s aw h juest bier g her an2 ar prenti sys juiegreeran a aprti ert. whatrehe wan doi a a j usnt. bi erat c wceoirt jsn bi cce >> happy li d >> >>ap li h date y >>the e ofhe h y >> d-- efhe >> i is what its. >> i out ofer >> ilet'swel wco ouritues. iutfer >>yes,t' slheursues. hhat s, s s mcnas cfeeues h h wh it mc snall cs oen her bueec hse what's howt hll onerse he 'sow i im hheith crt i i h crt fri. heou maky ramother. wn. ithe iou t ramoer . iho d bagsf d cal themholvesill schulz t bo d cinsultach o es lit ichz my rsuepulltsih o sidekk, i bill schulz. m rd heuls a reporr' sek re rtll sul he jaournepalt's urnarest, rtd s jrn na, s paier'exy pa parr'tier.
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>>io creon pntrer. >>t le ast>>ioitle don'ton nt maer >>. lest >>nd his oyitkaony't for pamarer >> h o f m hea senior "neworkimhe coes po sent,iof yo"nle today i "e co timespo mt,yyole potoersa rev ieale thae tim nayon rtaurt asciatsn gaevle aha yr' snaon r salaryuro a maleasattagaff yr' sarya al tamb aer anncntith herm cai a an thatitai did t rmclai tips . atcl ps. ♪e' all the nws ♪ ♪ ♪ thae's flloheri s ♪ ♪>>hasow.o >>esowri ♪ >> y sin n? >> >>ow i in yin? n >> yolookoon be,i cotney n don fliyo wokith tn gste,. >> ico caney onli tha gtestr .i want. i anw iaveo pat.ha te r >>ianoes he h eorie mig asat. cl msomeoes hige.eor ig e sexl aclegmsioens see t. lieer lexe somlhihat ns s engers. l ger,li if l s youil a aer ge r, i fd anonyus wouan tlsil
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e aociatedre haba a ny w the t0sls the a99ocia ndot haba toefused w ithe the0she99 n sheon deredtoe finse wit comp laine again thed f fmeinr pizz phe mpin in hecordg to fhe ame therom zz wo pedheorheatna rdto ahe omaurassia tionwoedna the tion esraurtssiati asciion wle e aionnashet ci nceo. ai nshe nsided hhe behior uo aggress ivo.nd e id h unehwar ed uogg ss en qte unthe man edys c td teer e n con cfid t colleagues h attrac ve son wasnd h c leue suld viteer t his tr corp soratase hpament o utsi o fd te h wois. meanwh e, trpate "neyorknt o simes"f reawohe me nrawh g tavne rk e of s"he two wen mhe ra ge aegations ofhe t m35,0 e seegrancatpayns. cordg tohe sencay tim tha co rd toualea fl yearaly t tthe man. le ana the fyear sdy she w e nadean he uncomforbley adnhencnt thad caie co or anlenc aner with c ier w likeh tha cn. ca w eag toiknse tha quesons ter meetg in ca e rgin.ns ess r et i in
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>> that' wt ialking abt. tt' ial ab >> d't even botr. >>t is goodue n d e thvegh aut tot >>isood conf entiallyth a t te ft th theseom -- nf whati dlyid say fth tseom - haid say >> eus me. excu m >> e eagerea ns cu m that io t.>>uess er soy abt thns. rickglad o hatav youok ont. e shw. soab th i h bee ackad havouonimone, not sh longnoug i h ee a thas. on>> iim notel hengreug i a frth ha al ga on i o s iel radheore hostayg gaain mad i r inapop ate st cment t his m staf ap op ewhat d co ntu ma ois hi af theyayhre the iwh s dmoo ema thhi i -- ey h t >>heore ioke. s morsmok let-e gehis s trgh>>e e. he olordok aom ethegeas hhiot s dit e heroldk to hishe h ple. it hk t h at my aturply night. yaturig >> t may b moreot. >> mbe t b avior>>as may meot. m tras
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inapprriat but ion ow. ap capr catonfi brm he w man. ishe moreca t coon than tha wt?an . >> don kno he is oor se to thaell.ha ther>>is aonotno ofag s s t in tlv a'm ot veern at ag re that a'mot cotney you tehabot t aor bu >> w knecoyou uld keey au bo t al h arsmbu ce for wneu d beincall attctivand beg iit tor someb y' sinlltt iv apdartm i i uld a t mliaiom now.aptm i d >> loaiomrcial. w. >> y said e l a m. omrc l.he yd a. j h ds, ds,irld n sdrome.irld n s yodrue.ill o davehe yo il lsyrome it dave mea yuare a me d tota m prtctllre toysically hassictll icly h ssiomne. itust means yelse s mcree.omnts eve nowit at mns yen thael maksee omeeanomntveow coortae. ha buakit iharesom eranas ta ds.bu ir >> e an hass. d ean h >> y d ion'think do that. > ihinkomeo ythi s
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'ttablnkdoeso tt. i wl ag e wi you innkeo at ohi. t yo tblomes. w yoagare wiperfoutn gtl o yo t it seeyomse rfoe tre was ovwelmg bieitf atee tmso e ttablrethat whe was sme ovlm bcampieatgn. t co d a blear atmpahen asbe s a tr camign? mp >>.t uld e.coa r a tramn? >>t d t don'thinit i therwasotng alled tt t hen' minht i have s d a erewsotngll t t thin. mht av"youeook red tever. in but is ou sk ly.te ve i'misappotedn mr. c ait s lythou mspodecnau i thir.nk c ts is ou a perfectpptuniec forauim i hi tostep and be m r. trutha pfe tellnieror to hep as tnd guyho mls t itht lillkeert is. he t >>uyhat'ho hisls it perso. lis. h e>> st'ul h say lere. m h poeticis arulfrd s to,e sexu haras ts pociar natial hx.o, it ia wa for pxupleha taso gtaisn motiy fr h t mp iyewar.ore t g frmpye i aii f peoe t get hu severiian f p pacekages. gerne at thus taberlei p ge n't ink have dirne aldtsab man yt drk e.av d i ink knopeop who ve bn ac send ofydre.ex i k noopho hara me o >>hat doou meanex byuge rame . se verae p>>t kagedo?oueanuge
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ra pge we all know i i don nee atu llelnolw me.onee tu knothatost suael hassnt is w s.oreo noat s bleuaedoneyut of hehass i wcompy th worfor.eo >>his whas glereedey autf b ng a mpthor edn.>>s has gut comeb aans n satse chingom mes sang. billha youeen a licalonantor a ll ha oumbernf ye as anadvid a nuler oonpresentit a caides. erye an viat iayourdvicfo cnu oesti caid. ? iuric >> if adve i could have ?gin hiis on g>> g if ndve cld h isain tgirahi issoi g a n ba b pce i mayave ed cnra iban b onefis eay oe nra i n i lov eis m osith tis l is thirdirls tkiayitg, s que, irl sexllyay sg,geive que,rks gtus. sexlly iv aarently he rsaks are g o v ue a saro heneyaso dao are geess wlo v ruell sy he o dbrinthe int me o wge w ev he saygo thi ine git l.e o >> wall ow wha t heev se hoayd hi is me fwagirdnd just w l w halk a hut w shatdctlly s f wappenrd. jt a wctll >> it s oten like te wiene stuf>>whertthesuy hotad l tikoe e, lieielie bec sehestreereuy h
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waa pture here.ieli b ihinkret y are tal ngwa p out thatherhees. iprobnkly ls ofyen ahoal a t ha er mpshec to this who obe lof ho caht i a bind o ayto itsho e rea i we din't kdwf it iseal i not ral. he m ht he d a k spaitetsl r. t . u kn m hhae maybeetross r.thein knha mbe maybe e metuoms. bu we h e yeyb te f oute ituf it is.morehan tudbu h ye fmmen. o ift isreep s tuff ire--ha ind have t enhreelder s isrs.ifisep sff th w-orke iin sep ce sve t ee erere ys sisdrsomere ttthke n awlephice e >> s s saidshe asourre sterawhi saie asr er>> iidt wa to name was u. my sisr wld c e i hide awa t n e say at t ss g -it s is w clikethat hs aul y t stherare ingsikite thi ke at ppulin i wa to lk mere abe t whgsik t hi is behd ppin swaaro . mabwh i ha b bn tdnkg ou ha n gssnkheg ou ppl ecc useds. the he rrplycceopled and the pry pele dy t a ow typlndry arepoloze og ethererry d a owpetyop. he is e th g. epo yoloknowe wooged f trry tionopal taurhets th yoow aswociat fn. t eir onval al theaturiona tv asdinnat aociaon .r eyl held btena bind it. nn heiaon wke
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d for b b goddtht.'s hepia. w couke bedorthhe's a. ouehe calzone brd. >>ou a rching. >> ce nezo aul b i.n all o >> a >hen nei i a met hma n c h >>n at fox heet shooky c han and f idhoyhi courtanney.nd do y thi i he a case? hi>> yo. crt >> h did t yhiel hl ae w case? ye sa heio.t his wife hd thou.e w >> dosa't teinkt he hife ol douha >>do t ol dgirl s was the se heit hisrl w sashe eitr.e ht f is a wusions e lik tt to :00 uld u ausiotag -- to 0 d occutionlikehis. their mesreag ups -cale cuontikes. theialse.reps le ewheti pte sterthal ivehe far re ptest r umptiously th looked at thousandumptus arthees d tooy fdoundut thoan d theedia val ofhe haromes t f ouaddrs is $e305,ed000,ouehe he thaver e indrhe uisted stat. 5, east 95 of the occupthyeerin ud at sirsearesincesof tcc a worth more harsnsi $es0,000. a
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ore d cal lermoostedhos000. somof t hedawalroste l shaomll the estate via lha googl este images. iagallye c't g shohe i we ss.t e of our stayffs c to tai e column'es ourta wsiste totorawhe haiouses. cum to i hav wsieen td thesetow h sedrawings a devas hng t t d e prestee. n yo walawgshe a--anev you t walk s thprugh t.m? yol >> ty arhe v--y,anouery lkthh deva st ting ar so mucth i p retty vastg he coroidenstthatnce u gu m see ese awintty the corotenestatse guoi to be o r.e e in w,heet me jus tst sayoi t b ge w,ete us at the srang-- drawingsave bn heknown to beng-- ed ia cot of l aw a ndaw bgse b n ow toed by icoaroious l antlince ed enci becse o t bheir arus cucy.ntlince theciecirst one i tir fro vi.inia est iro asviouia c see the asasou s t as mof, lotfld money a th pson d a mot.f,otfld on le me a you re p hn a many ople dleou ano y gwing up h d aanote?y op d >>he onlno gwingp people i kaw e? >> otesived iryeo k tails
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s iv>> ied rest my ce. >> iaipp the h av a iest pr ccesse.ocked inhe ow i the h >> bpress wkeedn to t now one,ha de>>ou goow w teoo n is webte a rreeon ouese homoessingen oreb a e pe ? eom yoare kinguiteng renk. >> fpest tak e oyoene tngote rk. th. yoknow fll ostmy twing oen t arin cyo n, b ut iid akeyoow ong a r k,ar but i c wyo bl s i iak gl ia ridk,ut i sit paid ifnd w t ell yowhy my sond d rawing.d nd w tl diyoy younow shat in diswins. the arhomemad of sid ou w tld is ns>> tharmead sid r ll >> tre are. rll so>> the t here d.ectvn eirou. ey g theoatch d nfltv sunda r ck. g tand o theat wanch tfly can sunlay ck niate g f d theiranan bard >> tt's creatble.f tir >>t is >>ow d you feebal when you t s wereerawie. t>>seis >> dou eere ywh outraouged? re wiu had p so m energ yut d? in drawi tsead hes. m thesene dwellin w ein srao h es colica d an stho eerawevein e pt. so --co eracavean s era . --ra --xtve gan ifhey w -e- sxtplve g woulif't he hatoraws w mu. >> am ad y ou
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suld th hhara w beuse at wl le imuoy >>m y xt dwingth do y reabeze he d wfilelto its to d w d tng yea h lea dfing toweitoftow t pza?ea this dwi ngwe theyust ha b eehias dwiitngtlear ay t the too thahe bicare.ittley these s oheoo t tpp hl ther but eey we de h terhe t w dere dinitely w tealt faly. d intheyelay wea stonengend pyra.mids a alleya t soto selend rads re aplic i mhtll add. t >> tt's ilereiv nightreorick. m a. t --sic wiv is ghod ttgetork. "red e--"ic affes r tout t theldndred o"ginal ror. fe t he >>ood do . tal to you l oaternandl anksor dssin u>>d o >>o p roalem. y ler ks din >> u> rick, we>>pust sa.w sck otag>>e othhouicsheussa w peop livin es ag t ohisouhe de opiv esegit tyshe d protes >> iyshe this a news p grot? i >>es i is. thi >> w n thaaewsgregme nt? i >>es. wha >>ere ewoses aual phos oegfme? ac>> ?>> e se yes pho >>hey ore?f >> aybec es i a? confu >>y ?>> wt doou m>>e be t aon prot ests wdo tmselvess? u ve t
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en dn the otts >> i tawmshevera ren for dth th e p itestsra r arresorted w th p te850 ston a es o isayin whe ren 0 esides th r paisen?in he en i a assuming aes oesf the th pa us arearen assing o ownfednd ey are livaring he. i'mssumg that,uton a l iv g owf tt's theas tt, doeson ts makhe pteersheas om es >> t belveak thi s pdyte wer flawedpo.? >>el t aw th lk ates rords pele d on't u lerstd wh at e co sho rupor r people pe ju dstta ustwhhere co hoor p rpleun pple jutare th r un p aey. tt's god p th ry. a f t ts dpeop wit e lorentreon >> n te ofhe actorhaoptitre lo innthe ueron 1%- nof ct welree ac ourinay u oer of 1 %- ings. >>aveeleenac o a oested. gs. >>eee sa aesarantedolec bdwin. >>hey can py aanily b in chacr d th>> sylinkan ay.y il >>hat' aood i dechndac itho snk thy. man times . >>t' >>omeintedr i this wle th g wi be is ing >> beete tr cds wnle newth yorwicitye or tser. eos plg e dto stan out si .eworty se i dagrewitheo y. s thetaweremaut. ty wld dreth y go home he
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heinrte amaheyn this s hhae danhe marine gw idth lt --haan m garin sai yid l-- ke ond organize le aar n hi betr n eingndrg beae-- kehietigh bte neiateang bear dhhn yo bu com bacin at ngthe mmernd eryth g isar rehy. yo c wh theareoi wng now e er e isheythreis sit ngreut trewhhee w ngandowllowing isyre theitelves tout tree dlling teve copt bye tomess a crins. ptd peyle a les a theyre r tingcrin therare ings oipe o anes iatnnt klan thateyre r hngorrie. er e gs iant o sho i thiic tu .an at is i ha whore fdsoday it hotu. iwhf ds ey hodea a umor tha who fos -- the peo e htea who or t hoods re gngoirfo--he eo empltoyeehoif ty took t s go weptiro thakla plee took- wt to thept othaklandla sik oakld-ad wt a geral e s otrikend thatas s ns edkl bdyheiral id stik mor. eir atiot sayacd hea striidft mor. e loyer est acd esrierotester t ehoughtyehe ole fo w tresin soteer ttheyugickein window a fo trsprainpain sd tohi a ndeyke wdow ratrapin td th custohirs i a there. >> tapheusthtousmeto iererapp? er >>, ther e. t heus theyad teate tramsppelves, >>
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thck.ere. >> s ang .ey tt tms ve d g a. f wr s? a. y g ot rlly g angry. f ? i am y g aniteng i amn a ttle pscption a coug ama le sup. pscptn th e mayor ug spo this vent i mor spo its pl tnning eral i rike it.lann onend nitouplg caalsee isn't thekere a litnnne tweethat ehcaior end i'the an oakld maeer saatng geh ar ad? kl >>masa r gus toiehat sp pat>>ay rsus soik ha ihinkt s sppre.ay i t nk tink at s havg pra se.ale d th i s the tirnk edg newavg s al ewa way o advtisith i it.she eew >>aytvotsi who ileds. is who le>>t potecho who >> wholeec paheck? >> y spend your wle wle paaheckec shopping at yhondour foods. thapas whckhogt rubhocans shop od the.s. ha wh thas whe t rubca liberhoalp th op a theefti shawht are ler sttsmg it t he aheti mre expeive sthimg otn ear tth >> ty arthe st a ry peive at o- e lti rtz tare a most ary at- l ti seotz theyercee bost ryleftt cesut whhey somee thin bg. *guy om oleft c foods c weh out ameining. oba m*rey m e fds
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caeed f a sike. ou all in m o feboorids ca f s e. were s ik gl whole f fooeb.rids they etre anggryol i f.omeohe eypercei aetsneng ofeohehe own rcei asnehewn comms uh pta. mmuh p . i want showisthat haened t th s trin wt sws --ha stkeed ith oinakland. is hig -- pnt st i is oat tla kid. call s nt ash m ob s tid taal a lk. h m ta lk. >> ♪ alongs i ow h to love ♪ i ll s y a aveng♪i ho ♪ i got a yveife i sa♪ ♪ i live g♪ y if♪ iave a my love t ove♪ ie give a♪y iilloveiv iilurve ♪ ♪ we wilurve♪ ♪e survi ♪ so b here the thing.ur you k w so what, c hlder re pehecthi . th moventf t y ut k morha ld rfortpe i ohethovlashf tyut mob it wrt a i teroriheelalaob. >> you will n er s w tt te a yill tea sar tt ov ementecse ea ey u muske.
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>>ovou wenl ft oec ase uus >> w f o must. >> w thaa lineance? >> ion'tnow at i was wha leance it w a i wei'trdw t ingas. they d' -- t hi i wsngei to e ey u i' ty t don i'ts take e reonsibi utyver heiry on peoplehere bakauese i i re bi tying r be ird. and ey helere t bseause assaults ing g te se u epd te hdse apeaus thmedi is mg or tsent ues c n'pesehavio rthdi mhnnteshe le cn'insgav assaults.hhe lein a ault ialking to mysel i >> calingng up, to are uys peopl a b de cngp,n society u?eo cour bdetneyneads fnrom hoctyew? bookgod you'r ureyds hely." hew t fit, w haoktidouealihy. ar k fi widarsheali say in a k let r f weept shearsh s i nies o spe . t ep she s o se.
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wo playe inhe islamic untrknow>> a iran hyeehe en sslpeiced. trow i he speed. incidt th i overshowina rort hat nc ist raelths mli ershin rt ptrepte el mstrili overan happened on p turde durg the rive hapneersi rd urgu t cuphe. i ve t haltime sho. guup le takei talme lok s grg. tek uy gr he asust dgi for chge. e us d
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gico finto t ch ns in tge theyandedson $ fe onge bo eyanded poye $ fwithene a rybo oreaus fici sthing, q atery t os usacti cou be onsired ciing, q viol tio of p litioue hasistdy. p olioent i osf u towosty. mohst a ind -s- i prison a hs a - la-es i pson anlaothese courtney,f younow at iean. hell tset se csrtpppriafte asuw in. for tse tpphepria foreor menon the halforeim m show -- lf sw >> i soxpted t to end badl y. i te th te waa wo tn ovo thend and dog erend ag dl thwi a srdthwa arowounovhe d g >> ie ds, b y anthhow srdro decapita on o
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i t ds, b th isho awamily sho de ta>> t os isot a t filyho th aam.yho d we an s w t disec aapitatn.ho tom, wt do y ouwe mak s owf dhactit st happened, t m,rongt ? yakha h ineas nrong?artilrl -- i n s waing foromlhi t - ppen i wtualai watnged the grab he d.en i tughtherei sal somatetihe g h woee th is ing apn. t htre i und oma gb ewoths g sothinyou uld e ery i dad onb a higch l ssoocinu d ry fiel da t th h soc el th somhi i los li o ohose -- i s dot kn whait i -- ilotli o obabho has -i ne. do is knlleha a i charlie abas s e a crl coheis or shi. coisrhi i't tnk iis cled that i t i >> cedas t ot lyatifrent an tt. >>as tifnt tt. i don likheact t on thike wd cns in t >> thi ppl are perhathps w c i coheider.g th thicame t >> thhiend p a ge.reer so aerwo hou ofcoerth ohime thd g sweang aer hou sw t aut w i goin o backhe. hisutands w wereir you
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in o kre saying.. is dser e tasn'ou exactyha i sg. s saing. >> didn' eomxae reah i the sa g. stor > pidase .om e andeath he s h erore pe re innd uncle s h i o o f thereinncle ayers gage i similar o o he acti earer ithe me. ays geso t iheim apparentlys n tiar ie e. vestigion ing . the a thar wiltllookyt thstapn ign g theythililoktheep wth h made thatove. thi is l ikeye an iranithan me atrsioe. o herhima l araain' io algaons erandroai algas ro ouney,oou think t poha was cneauy,t u t in t mome. po >> ihao thi wnk cau u tbutt ra bme wa ihiffsiveut but b lhes is aitwaeffsi exeme. am ot l wheit ts heain wh w hexe.thiin o w t henew ll ohe whamerashi we herehew ohe am>>as c you manewe beiheined over tt? ou >>ma watneedtei inomputer ov tscret? up close .>>at are u ju s ingomhatetr re urosshe w c on see mo.tor? e ju sg ss wn mor? it was a lite m violatg. >>orse hing happ wed a mye m hi sch l. ol >>hereere few orses>>sengpp
3:25 am
matld t e hioffeche t o>>re e w ing seed ithat mne >>e ar tale usedfe tteeg g ithat >> thearutt lasep,tes, what is utongitp. tha he t yo doneswh is in, g bill. t yo d i wilt wa h rchg f? >> you m wustwaeie you f ? di't makhe i ranioue ie otouba f eratiodi makhe iniry last eaba f io >>ary afed ryi wod beead -- ver ystea >>y ed wobe reliea--eryed. woulbe dd rit no theris re b aftuler d arino er al. theris n plalayiingft human pu et. wh heer nlayieaates h an and y do g tha was ees rec ve --d do ste h gim tas aw ay. r not d so hnying. thawothe.guy s uldot absonylutein get lhethhey am aulittlweiut t tab te etthe act amhe aunt of atl laeies i sil taroha t e t t o fla i ilthearmesoha ot vgi you - th amot o f vegimens youavgiou y thmo o mar vtygirou yoursf. thiis yran, rigartyou hi the g rigetngorn eyes ould g dot. et>>ngt's tru e >> i theyldetot. t'sru iey raped ty ou punh t guyie. ow yoapare erininty a serio
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un tpoinuy. yo e inirnt a somexuaty adult er in ir extheiuarty altunhm b eiimprismentunndhmea ere a s pr serntious pot toeae ma in b are s ser us ory. po to>> dma younee wt he d mad a vy. o of is dewou whe wo. ad a i atryi to ke o ofis serisoint scpruwo.bses ayio wiri t vnterbi sagru what happed wi t vbi atou?ap i wo s somhi w to s hare s t cnh seare i apologize. ange yr name. olog e. >>doou he comment o ge y amthe ow? e-ma us. is hd eom o foxe ?ews ma s. .c .s e wilbe ung tt wo aox t. av il u two a 21462-50. ill com the h tim re21rtro50m l om thev's andy hevy. t hesrero cmme. ts dyy. he >> tonht haltimeepor spoored lpa>> t chts.almeor poe sedll a youer veionsf th c cats. wh sll a you llishnsthat coa wh anks leollrdhub c
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3:31 am
d aseang banky >> mbe t e so morathy w gti >> d'tant tak e m t i soctor san>>ge d'tt ak i yoknowhatappe d li ct yearie. t tht was san good shyooat. pe l >> iart. ths wawhat hapoonedd aft sh th sho>> okas at h >> t a busft drir nthero the me.ka but thereusere doriharg n er or athin e . but t reut wre aerg re tion utreon. >> speakingf reliohi >> sak caf is sai rd to h mad adnc cas. s ththiraccur h m sd adnc c thircu saidheas hndnvitedd her bac you idid, he htendt'nvsedy he bturdac nig. u , allt's caiynas de rdigonrm is alan.aineonrm s. >> thas al things aid. >>e wa of crse>> ta tngd. m ried>>wa c e ma >> rht. mri go oma ur r.nt is? go ur dsn bhe rou in t let, does it? bher t i le ds brs ie more than you know. b morhaou i totknh ors meore tn ybod no it orse tn seodd wnohat youeaid.
3:32 am
>>d ctoune yai sai whonew yo cld exly hasne y aiho somebodyy calli heyo ltractih. if man oes tsotdy clihe sis sti. ifan bosdett a w t isis s sexu albo harassment. t is >> o xual hasen >> we iav lawsuits the y. we istaviddi l.sus he >>nly you fl i i idi . don't m >> youy youee fll unmf table,dot itine.ouee unmfe, ie. andou saidomody athe an ou tabl shasoms,omirodtyy ol man bls syromeom ir u cat beloran specific? >> o.syme i id u acabe h sci dc?oms. >> a glal i - -u > o d rs.ick. g pu taler -an ric > ric pu leernthal. r urey, n u bore le ntl. spific , n b spic y. >> ias hing heas rering te. i hg re t >> i isust ofei a ma h in g isusoms. oei a ma hetinr ag gl walks by as. you eheing o uta g her w rksea a
3:33 am
en or du ng theheingyehi o h whe yoare ik lkingen dng t her e wh>> iyo ae m m lgkigin g r e b e i co amact ghtow.g b e cot t. >> the awoevs, mpto and s dre.>>he >>ouevs,on h toenddre. doms, >> you ha dogs. ds, >> dty y ouy hayn ddroms.e? >>tyuyynom i wl avet atha. w tl yeou s aaitd cs blow t a y p sfe o ctuni tosxp owexuani asentotxp r th shathatts.ex >> en >>lway th >>o.haat by ndes >>ay i a s>>in that by lge os atl sin stxl rassme is way forpleos toet money o t heir ssme s aycomp fy. e t th the atoren'ton se tir cas. mp cotn jus saidth ihen't if itcaes you - -oucoaitndusid it. if i make y i y ll, u k. w itke makes mle , co wortaktabl hot men theffic theyant jpn cohebl t n he cice n, ey tt ompn wh washehe lt te you rkedn ann,ff tees whas l - t-y i aned oanices you e a -- comedia o ic yea ago did w k iu naomed
3:34 am
offis. ea >>goesid seek i timesave fi ch d si>>e th 7eeav we arsiotthll 7ed tomo and ve aottl ofco tchar otll ing t allo tes d anytlmore ofh m, sry g ll >> itoda'sorny mmoany, m, ma produ ive urs iedaor m y,ey aashe awayma pdue s bcau mearean tauas sizgyboau thes hmeeanomau i s theirg bofice mayb they eed es suever om i oseir los man ouce yb ey>>d mayueberthey d ome. l an ouybe ey d ay>> thenk t ds i tom bennin of se e d tnk t i trbeaninge stran men'sup >>t isike n's beupbor >>ise der gs.e >> ibt wiorlle i a sam rm. s. >> y tked bo iwi i cain'm.s ympaibo blanger's cn's camp gnai asar ai ca btellhe c mpmpgngn tnkass i acael alth c caai leake he story i obodshod lk aut heca ke heory. s ryat sms tbe t ir lic. odod a condf a now acc diy. s t tto t l was.ngtotime nd a n a terryastome picketa fme gst onred ry a srce fri enetit fh tmehe g on inampa aign src seri n only ts
3:35 am
th pry cam paiginampa inolved, nnlys burahm e manuth p cheayig iol d, chago d th for rhibuefhm e nu oftaff, ra o ma.cho th for offf oma th s theyked t ory ia sheyay tr ory mml's fice.ay mm l'wseep oe sce t he p rbit hoe ? t >> don kno hdid u cckn myhe ory >> onat inoha noig d w thed cn mheory i oi ca don wehe iusy? >>ldn'findnying ca that. >>hat out e nao>>ln' tndnyg th . assoatio >>t >>t id nna loothemp. theare ut hlsoios. >> noo >>em ty often wag w ahegarestuthl the nio l stau>>nt oft w assogaatiost >> d youee wtht th did thel au soio dou wthid heiz bikeshatiz d to those prikeople? we n' tal k a tuto that. treopl e al aut tt. >> wheid you hr t >>he y h t cain mpai apogiaizen >> mbe ias wng b i out iai saw a somethize. m th i's y wrob t io corree.
3:36 am
ouiaw s >>hiell, i didth y sob it tor anhe b >> thougelht iay s tnow thau ar on dantime b tug yo he s u eswha. ar n havi noourc. inact, yoav heessurc. avthannorcve havinet, an h >>efe.ou mew. >> iav>>e peoplcom to m andakenfor.tionrome. iavplomo deoronm o wall stree gg uai the y went aft w oleal l trfoodbecaehey thoug hthe w t aoleleds wasn' t odca t sugikg. eds wn'tg. whole foods hend. bi you s dwhoue h f nevdser h en d.enla sh mobbi yt sea hev party au its diffilt lash toobot crying m ustspayau t d hafi youever een eto crying m mine haouern co sent dri minelaon? s lasen tteri icked they don'workith aseckhey mke n'rk thedon' but the ste he then' samut ty a trete n heam a wearing n cks. wri ck >> cplehings, gre d u rely a if i w his, g lac cre ant i? w
3:37 am
>>es, di. thehav e lac c iolant a sff>>, lihat. heav >> inow. it ff notn liracohatrt.y as ou imig havw. t botnlungco tr asigavnng >> can can orrow cough sup? roou sup lso, greg, youaiof t cide tha it s,ls qo,re yof t ov deshadhaing repo thas, raels mulng adg poha pelemiv meulng stke o iran. tellemive iid t dreast ora th. >> don thi it overidadowg thdr.ea th >>onhit erowth >>s ier shawi it then >> iis uer sdowiert. sa it wthleenarly a is ke i o un swi t. part. t yeslely a o ar es m, tre no such tng as crl tng a cornheise rl d it is n word. cnhse >> ihink aer t show it i n ye, a wndd. thehi g ietnk aer tho i tcrte a t >> g shakeeare up worte all e ti. >> s>>ha exactlyr. uor n s l ti tutur xa t >>ouurne y saiyou e ok witthe ayer bei>>oune
3:38 am
yned waihiu ion't ok it e unerderseind d bi you uldnd w dersnd w the't guy w rs bi gotu dn rsolat w isheuyetin in troub ich compte gy agree w ats in buthen tou sd,ub qte the h mp ag her ey sul get l ashebuen s qte t r sulet l >> i p focce and n hun p pe i andochey cee a millionaire hu th can affd ndy mli40on,0. th>> ianon'tffnow thed are miionaes. i'tw here mi na >> socceryersre ll iona ses? thers salrey is you pla anwe wonllnail y?ou heal y that y the p saly. theandon'havenil 1% y at heal ir. heit in' 100ve 1 >>irome t ink o00 i what a eat w ay t lee. o >> w am hane.t >> t nkou a wndy.ay t >> m . omin tugh g ay. in ug deh tired o doingomtic de tcomeedes. o wou likngmor seriousti les,nd w n otme. ou is ikfiner but s, w n s ne irt bieber hing baby? bber by it isoo lateo n this st y, jer ik.oo le nhis sty,erk.
3:39 am
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3:42 am
>> d so t far w>>ho de tarh a ge sr? shclai h a i the satr?r shraihe childatr head a perty suiilhi on he a m ponery. s ri roonbay ned m ri aerbay riahar saidheot aer ahnantith a 30-seaicondd rphe th t tndoin nth send a tdo in coert in loelesas year a the onlcoyt pron em ttes h woard be6 e m oeanghero cemout cewobe statuory re crghe c taye we wt inde a immialy his ersolitywehaed w inasti ly heeganouch g me a ssotyha ed peedlyaid wtiany.d t oheanchme blank t pe bnkly od ut o m wanto doean't skouik bnk him o otll. oe s ebik's cp iimsenyingt tll algatis. at's co biibesen cyip. alti 'sbis c anyhoo n discuss yh >> n lightisng
3:43 am
ooooiguuht lightnin gh in >>ouha.t s re. i wast en de yet and y >>ha t jump rn letha as e les do t yhe a w yholew ve mp lha agn. les t rick w doesn'twvet sw tt agou cancket doe pre'tss, an sy kwd t ou prs ifou ae n re , le kity anythg? prif a >>ow come w eonle sy eether ow ce pionur see we jt seiser pture. i t nk spi i o t wi ptu e. >>hat t s h i at a t red >>rpt event. a r that ws ust b eiebe >>ha tt t bhavi fmecaavg vi fun. >> ithellegiomeca aruge he ehavn. lik a roc k itaeru iavik o aock lte 30 s iecon? that notock st lik te 30 thi sis aecoo poi?nt at is ard t ohi axplooih ti thco exptnugh .if o of s d somee in0 sloonti or lesths.xph o me>>inhassll tk andes n acon. i gonnaha as the andust ac. >> ti haonennceashe longe th jtin iebe did t as >> lonet agr ha t thisevnbeid ppened .>> lgrhahi s d bbes cen denies the whe tngs c d
3:44 am
iesurtn, yohaveeenhe foowinthe eberwhamptng sie t artnyoven 0s.foine erp sit wldtou exp0st t.hem to sathatnd d you belve wld t e th t? he t >>oe we to itt asaat douaield th hth i s>> iweoro gtthe rumors ai dan gng th h iocs on theg rors si ve. ng >> thi thas a ohe gd .that goo a ice>>hihaor a amd ica, rig at? oo a andichen eke aex tapore ama,ig with h? di ndn t. aape >> aho swi ht. tape. >> aom, ha yver been te. falsely, used ofve'meen imlsyegnanged oomfody back agetou rimnaodhoack noew tou >>o. ho >>ecau youaid f t >> >>auoud. >>icely de. icy y a a dev are yo u? y a abet u weev a scr aea growng pie. esu? was t we acr scre. ow ngbland th. blankes outfas pele re anthlankut pe thas whey dn't get pregna. >> s thhafath w of f dr n' get will leg imat kids,hanat >>ththf f adce doouave f or bllieegbeatrid t if ts tus outo b te?adceo av>> c frage bndie ttuou be? wou s p
3:45 am
cge ing ecausect think w thpirl i t g lingauhect hi trh. w l tellthouhyir. t ng its paty tr pju .llhy ere a s tutoryithi.a . e a e story dand pernity a test.d le pt'sertynot fge the ustate fact ieler''ss fanotsgerehee goinctg toillie hr'sans whether e is l nginr tol h teing e tth. et r she ght w b trelling the teuth.g t. ma m y we ort w b tli e h. iema wor did it, not well biee >>t,ou actua y noe a wel b did frl y ouct y cohe ave - >> tre a a mlion frly to t faheus, a -d thi s b ad t a m on y. o >>heres nefa ts, thahi ou b e le ing out >>. res ifou a a t t leg out if arad, oesve nn wt attenonrad, ve esn'mat te n she t nothinkg aboen t fans tha win'tillte h er e otnkg bo e isot tnking a ut t ns t il gog to hail. e isot tnk ing isbout ting t anytng.gotol. sh iiss tnk tg hinkuting h kno wsyt. mye. sh i s buter tttnkneg is.nows my utttnes. >>wo wdsilly >> wdsealy bi jea i not m ler ea >>t thend the ideo
3:46 am
ea i thou do m f linerd ouf b >>th d heaneoas t ouo l ferinou f heas jt a irl,ut he t sa sheas t o. he j a >>l,ut w he sahe t are. we talng a bo a tal ng atenn? i don'undstandhis at all. te nnis freaki sn' mendstutd.s and obod l. commeed hreowakse utbilly jean my h rnd iods. c me hndhere are n'llt j an m hilli in wayso g fouhere ere ae s a mil one is ysg falselcc ine g s aomebodney >> i tls invvescc getintiomod pueled>>onv dveth byet biebe ns. ed shes no thiin d athbout b b ie th. . shis tnkin boheutnohiin aetutting faus athnd t ysh w tilin mee ibo thetcourngoom d heill ffal a t y lovile weeith i h a knowthurhem hel t ov wh h i hew i this w ayith dvid. i ss ihidy a it widn'work d ouid >> etti pssai g'rk >> i houonesy nk>> thitiai gg. >> i honynkhi a -- yng gir w they ar invoed ithes e lik -- yir w ty cty vo ikees l or top -- iadty reelderop s -te-ndad saw it happe n wrehhelder osmondnd brotitrs hpehsm ot thrs get sbssedhe you th
3:47 am
gknowetshe sustantsoeet he him.ou but he b l coowd bee rt.tso don' know he am.wers t t all cooble b.e ju 96%f n'heow ars l le ju 6%>imfhe kardashian asim meag aut h divce fmda riasumre a er 7meagayas. hiv f atent p osrid o aay h bse p kos writes "i y h spt courage k bau wtesi it y isn't eas yt ouge g thraughut it i ow h e i n' fol ewas tut heart"i here hi olepts -- ere are ret"ortsre mad miionsff teped wtshing -nd the ar not e ue.rets makad me ad clarifymins t wng is.thart . ake lafy coey, kw yore an exrt iea tyco and, can kyo re au dend her ex >> wan t hatndhan a d en liev hit w alltage but >> ani tald toat ppleho ev wllgeut kn talerto vy well.e ey aid tknha ser r veallyasl. lovwith him butd tha s rllyhe ovotth him ug upnhe wholeedng oting. anthe verugpyholyft werle kn i g. asan goihengertoorhoklyft t. kn i she st dsn't caroito peop thi. she de t deciono g et e d't ar divo ed.op hi andhen ey h ge u tp techen g phonand arte auvoin. ndn h u t >>ond te forer nauotin makg a
3:48 am
moneoff e>>di, i amorer notg a confusedbout tt. nef di, am nfed ut thet.hos s mad between $5he,0 --s s m it st he b b attenacd the wedding$5.,0 - you ret h abbsolutelytt rht heedng to aou arelw as thole isel ly new athisarsh ew sws saw narneshom sws w n slo ne anthearshiaannse es. >>aria w a you doing thies >> wn' at yoi a t sas marrd a iss w thin' wt bistor sas rr asshi bi>> yorou wern y men's oup when t yer hpenen y>> iasen en h nesexu ar isment charges. t thi see xuike isen c ha h t se s gheal houe. she getting h feelgsou t.ohe e fetan el y to hav a f b heart. you yow tt.av t bhasorea nrtic.g. u t >> d her let tricg. apology >> make h you lry? >> asomedy wpo wgycced keofouavin doms ame wcced -in i nd t oo myds caref-. i
3:49 am
ooydsar. >> wre we give, >> we ge,e le. tha mea everythg to , bi l.e. la wor andhaou weea mriedvethto and vorc fou biim. la orwhatd tip ws ca mriedouive im id rcou .is dficu t imate?ipca i civ't ge anim b i ll s dcuhat t i ce her c gan b i -- i se ha ie h loo d a - i thise s ioie. loo l adt tsweet whe is so all ie thibrok and he oot t vorcwepape w wersent l hi anokd hd tweet rc rpeeaer intf b yan hwe mo r by "omg. thk yoforomeogetr eninof oom thyoreetew in s otore s kareasan caos >> ka tas ioserview she s we are d toninghe weddi ingvi s were infts --he wai wt.di so y hadhe wedding gifts s w r y dads a wnddi n yif a r dnati a theecseouot sted sona nowtiouhere dseouing them. ed bs oow me t dtake binak t.m. mo sff whe neom bk.
3:50 am
tke mo hene bk.
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3:54 am
> the it is rig the. e its, m >het iighe .we j h ad it m a beautul fsh. j hea fsh. >> kstin >> winust h a unr snow. we jt h h a a lightningtr e r s nod thunder er jehocestignie tnd tho werste sll limbs o t the owth lineser.ell l bs ware t al tngigownica les. limbof t es cinreg down. t e snni isca pulli -- mb t cin ow guys we us hsnadsul t-hunder. jushadhunduywe her h tat indthe. fort usdhuimnd--er at i the urthim i ie hfoaveim ie thim wi ies hsed undedurg a li sho wiesd deur a th has t blihonh gnnes ok o wld r n hehev gnn o r loses his eev thiasmith the thundros snow h. >>hank od ysm shpeedhethu out r us ow. >>nk ywe spe st us theli she sntsi stihe u cld havsa s omhingsh ti se. u di 't hce toldo th. >>sa was sxcitomednghen i heard . di hundetosnowthor t he f>>irstasit meea it hpene ldeasow y tear,ndst
3:55 am
th his past w fir,rstime eve th hi >>pasual w in d ecembefir,rsme e bill,>>al uhrow pty dec cbeald unde bsl,w. and wow v er pyty exc ced. de w. >> y, yo und ver wyere.ed v >> ehu, asyotiuc. we. >>we wl cse hin out vhuas ti th a p ost>> g we w c upinuth post 's a wy l uy.h ay n .com/re d eye. ncore e
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3:57 am
3:58 am
>> seeouack h a 5 ee p. eacastek o h "the 5 five." ming up.te cthrles fe.ayne a ngesay dediah bila d a ctah robera t a rert bi n b t a lev wit h post wrap b up. a lhas,ith greg. stapp. s, g to hi,ndy. >> hto was yr i,y. hwe? i>> ias didrt dess up bau? amndult i. ddtss u bau just iemberdu innoc.entnd
3:59 am
sexual ar stent doesnr i oc exist d i t lov huxuer t snowsn. com to misyt ity. lhuer ow >> thaom msy fumtyming up. >> i tha>>t.hasum ng >> uick, what di y>> f torha fo alwe>>ic? w di >> bause am ot an fdult. ias aywe sl, b bsem adu. i ay s il,t b w pposed tbe bin it os tin len >>o yodresd usne of ou l menitar hoesryg>>yoes u s t yo o s toou hsry alyo s to>> ptty >> phec m an py . jusawf. phe m cou rtneusy,wf h. aut you halleen unou?ne a ut iid nou dre u ts ar bllausen hun bec a nre bseec a rent a deced t focus on my cld's aec husallo owen my 'sexpeen. heas t cooe mster hlo becae hes aer lar gepeen. bahe, td hooe moeer't e cahea ar gecookies ba, hetoe'tut ie did h oks would le ut >> iust eke t dt yoput uld l t pant it tyoutca pauotes. >> peoe s ohou d't tere aut y el f ce yeo s have oh k


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